Update on Heavy Lifting Crane Work Programme at Earls Court


The Heavy Lifting Crane is being used to lift the 61 portal beams spanning the London Underground lines which require removal. Significant progress is being made with the heavy lifting crane, which is just over half way through the scheduled programme. To date, we have successfully completed 38 out of 61 lifts.

The overall programme for lifting the 61 beams is scheduled across approximately six months, with the beams being lifted out at night for safety reasons, as the London Underground lines are not in use during this time.

We have been informed by London Underground that they will be undertaking day-time and night-time works at Earls Court station from Saturday 17th June (3am) to Monday 19th June (3am), during which time the railway lines will not be in use. We will therefore be taking the opportunity to also work on the Earls Court site throughout this period. This will allow the site preparation works to be completed as quickly as possible

Thank you for your ongoing patience with the heavy lifting crane work programme at Earls Court.


If you have any questions about these works, please contact our 24/7 Earls Court information line on 0330 333 1510 or e-mail the Earls Court Community Engagement team at

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the crane or want to know more about the Earls Court development.

Heavy Lifting Crane image