Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Pre-Market Engagement - Earl’s Court Business Forum


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is seeking to engage suppliers with direct experience of working with businesses and business forums across a wide variety of sectors in one geographical area.  Key areas of expertise could include but are not limited to:


  • Business engagement
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Town centre management
  • Business Improvement Districts
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Local Trade and Industry bodies
  • Collaborative bids between several partners will also be considered.


The key aims will be to develop and deliver:


  • ‘One voice’ for the local business community, including those businesses affected by the closure of the Exhibition Centres to enable the development of a shared local approach in responding to the challenges and opportunities;


  • A range of initiatives, in the Earl’s Court area, which will enhance the area’s competitiveness and ensure businesses are fit to compete in the face of local and global changes to the trading environment.


Revenue funds of up to £140,000, over a 36-month period are available, as part of the s106 planning contributions from the developer.  There will be an initial grant agreement period of 12 months, and two 12-month consecutive grant agreements if the organisation successfully meets targets set in the first 12 months. 

1.0          Background

1.1          The redevelopment of the Earl’s Court Opportunity Area is expected to transform the site into a vibrant new neighbourhood over the next couple of decades.  It will create thousands of much needed new homes and jobs, as well as state-of-the art health, education, cultural and community facilities, improved transport infrastructure and innovative open spaces. 

1.2          Given the scale, scope and length of development, it is important that the Council and the developer CapCo can communicate and work with local businesses.  In addition, current macro-economic factors also pose challenges for businesses and this initiative is expected to work towards supporting businesses to address these challenges effectively.

1.3          In the short term, closure of the Exhibition Centres has reduced trade for the shops and hotels in Earl’s Court but there will be an opportunity for businesses that serviced visitors on event days to adapt, and engage, with the construction workforce as new customers; in addition to the new residents as the development progresses.

1.4          A survey of the businesses in the area concluded that local businesses are favourably inclined towards the development and the opportunities it brings.  The key recommendation is that businesses want communication that is consistent and timely, and to be made aware of all the upcoming opportunities.

1.5          The client group will be businesses operating in the Earl’s Court ward and adjoining Kensington and Chelsea wards, and areas where there is most likely to be a direct impact on business performance as a result of the Earl’s Court development.

1.6          There are existing local business groups and relevant stakeholders which the successful bidder will be expected to engage with and involve every step of the process.

2.0     Procurement Route

2.1          Following the conclusion of this Pre-Market Engagement, the Council will decide how, if at all, it should approach the market in order to procure these services.

2.2          The Council very much hopes that this opportunity will spark a lively interest from organisations with relevant skills and experience. If that is the case, the Council will publish an Opportunity Notice on the Contracts Finder Website, inviting organisations to submit offers to provide the services. It will also ensure that participants taking part in the pre-market engagement are informed of the opportunity.

2.3          However, if there is little or no interest from suitable organisations, the Council reserves the right to pursue an internal solution, using its own resources to provide the services.

2.4          It will, in any case, subject all offers received to a public sector comparator based on proposals put forward by the Council’s Planning and Borough Development department and reserves the right not to make an award of contract. 

3.0     Pre-market Engagement Details

3.1          A pre-market engagement session has been organised and you are invited to participate.  The session will include an overview of the development, the local context and this opportunity as well as a question and answer slot.

3.2          Details: Tuesday 30 October 2018, 10 am at The Earl’s Court Project Rooms, 16-18 Empress Place, London SW6 1TT.  Nearest tube station is West Brompton.

3.3          Please send us your questions by Friday 26 October 2018.

 For more information, please contact