Heavy Lifting Crane schedule: July-August


The Heavy Lifting Crane is being used to lift the 61 portal beams spanning the London Underground lines which require removal. Significant progress is being made with the Heavy Lifting Crane, which is nearing the end of its scheduled programme. To date, we have successfully completed 52 out of 61 lifts. We are pleased to share the expected lifting schedule for the remaining portal beams below.

  • Monday 24th July
  • Wednesday 26th July
  • Monday 31st July
  • Wed 2nd August
  • Fri 4th August 
  • Monday 7th August  
  • Wed 9th August
  • Fri 11th August
  • Monday 21st August

 Thank you for your ongoing patience with the Heavy Lifting Crane work programme at Earls Court.


  • For safety reasons, the beams will be lifted out in night time ‘engineering hours’ when the London Underground lines are not in use. No other works will be carried out in these hours to minimise disruption.
  • At no point will the crane or any portal beams ‘oversail’ property outside the Earls Court site boundary.
  • Every planned lift will be subject to weather conditions and London Underground access being granted, so we cannot provide a definitive schedule.
  • The Heavy Lifting Crane is due to be on site until the end of 2017 when enabling works will finish. 


If you have any questions about these works, please contact our 24/7 Earls Court Information Line on 0330 333 1510 or e-mail the Earls Court Community Engagement team at

Heavy Lifting Crane July 17