20th Century

By the turn of the century, Earls Court had become a prosperous London suburb and all its old, stately mansions had been demolished or converted into hospitals and schools.

Coleherne Court was built between 1901 and 1904 on the on the site of Coleherne House and Hereford House. The flats were spacious with five bedrooms and Lady Diana Spencer lived in one with 3 friends from 1979 until her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981.

Industry moved away, but when the Earls Court and Olympia Exhibition Centres were built in the 1930s, the area kept its reputation as a centre of innovation and entertainment. These state-of-the-art venues became celebrated centres of globalization, innovation, new technology and popular culture. They formed part of a ‘valley of giants’ which included Lots Road Power Station, Stamford Bridge Football Stadium, the BBC complex and the hospital and prison complex on Old Oak Common (Wormwood Scrubs) which stretch north of the Thames along the ancient riverbed of Counters Creek.