Second masterplan exhibition, June 2011

The drop-in sessions for the second Earls Court Project masterplan exhibition start today, Thursday 9th June at 1 p.m.

This exhibition will focus on the changes we have made to the masterplan after receiving feedback from our first masterplan exhibition in March 2011. It also includes more detail on the strategies that inform the masterplan and has been designed to address many of the issues raised in our public consultation programme to date.

We will be submitting our proposals for planning approval later this month. There will be many more exhibitions in the future focusing on the design and architecture of the various phases of the Earls Court Project.

Welcome and Benefits
Exhibition map
Planning applications explained
Changes to the masterplan
Massing, Heights and Land Use

Community initiatives
Open Space
Townscape and Views 
Demolition and construction
Update of 4 villages and a High Street
What next?